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Chateau Tongariro’s Sustainability Policy

Chateau Tongariro believes that as part of the goal of being the premiere hotelier company in the Ruapehu region, the hotel must lead not only economically, but environmentally and socially as well.

The company understands that it is in a prominent position to affect the environment in Ruapehu. Chateau Tongariro's objective is not only to sustain the environment for the descendants of the area but also to rehabilitate the damage previously done.

Chateau Tongariro Hotel believes that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders and we endeavour to co operate with our neighbours and our suppliers to develop our business in a sustainable manner. Every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations. Our purchasing department will seek products and services of local origin and that are environmentally benign.

For example our Eco Tidy door hangers are made from a natural product called Savannah Natural Art Paper. This New Zealand product is Prestige 2, side coated recycled art paper, made from recycled fibrous residue from processed sugar cane (Bagasse). This paper is ideal for those customers that are environmentally conscious. The paper also has acid free-neutral sizing, archival properties (long life), a PH of 6.8 and is made from chlorine free softwood pulp.

All new printed items where possible will be using 'green paper'. One of the stocks we are now using is ecoStar.
Guest amenities are donated to the local womens’ refuge where possible, along with surplus / old branded items.
Our oil from our restaurants and cafes is collected and used for bio diesel and our food scraps are collected by a local farmer.

We choose to hire local whenever possible. Our success is determined on a yearly basis, with steps taken annually to improve. Furthermore, the company will not only meet existing environmental laws and regulations, but go beyond the status quo and seek techniques and approaches that position us ahead of our competition.

Our policy towards the environment will be readily available and promoted to our business partners and guests. Growth of our company depends on our abilities to minimize or eliminate our impacts on our surroundings. Our ultimate success depends on the environment of New Zealand. Without a beautiful country, our customers will cease to come. Our company’s future and the future of our environment are interconnected.

To view our full environmental policy, please click here to download the PDF document.
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